Since I can remember,

I grew up watching my mother and my grandmother designing and creating, even for special occasions they designed their own outfits. Since I was young I have drawn and created my own clothes following in the footsteps of a tradition of longing



Andrea Restrepo is brand committed with sustainability, our planet and today's woman; those who are empowered because of who they are, their values and self-love. Our pieces are designed to make you feel and look great, while encourage you to take the right decisions when it comes to fashion, we want to give you the opportunity to create a positive impact on the planet and add value to our social responsibility. Each of our pieces transmit elegance, femininity and harmony, taking into consideration water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability and price. We also looked at garment care implications, like microfiber shedding. We source the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics possible to bring designs to life. Our biggest inspiration is you, the girl boss who never stops, who wants to take the right decisions and always become the best version of herself, the multifaceted woman that is capable of everything, that loves herself first regardless if her physical characteristics meets the standards of beauty imposed by society, that believes that beauty comes from within and feels so confident about herself that is ready to show it the world through fashion expressions; through our pieces.


Andrea Restrepo, also known as "Nea", was born in Valencia, Venezuela on 1997. Since she was a child, she lived in an environment surrounded by fashion, elegance, and aesthetic, feeding her passion towards arts and fashion. She witnessed different kinds of art expression in her family. Thanks to this, from an early age, she knew she had a strong connection with fashion; as a matter of fact, she illustrated and drew suits and couture dresses, inspired on magazines and red carpets since she was 8 years old. At age of 19, she graduated with honors from Fashion Design and Illustration at her home town in Venezuela. Andrea was also recognized as the best student of her class by winning the "Best Collection" award of 2017. On 2018, she continued her education at “Marangoni Institute of Miami” where she gained a second degree as a Fashion Designer. Moreover, she has also done courses in Styling, International Fashion Business, Collection Development and more in different international institutions that position this Venezuelan Designer as a well-prepared professional on the International Fashion Industry. . After working on custom-made apparel for over five years, she has finally launched her own line, ANDREA RESTREPO